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Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance

People Focused — Job Placement

Three Solutions To Fit Your Company

PlaceSmart Agency time & attendance options help you to capture placed associates hours. We offer three choices from e-mailed paper logs, to our custom Web interface, Client ✓Time, or by using electronic time clock hardware.

Paper Logs

A traditional time capture method where you fill out a daily log validating the hours an associate has worked and then e-mail or fax that log to us on a daily basis.

Web Interface Client ✓Time

This opton uses our custom Web portal that we provide to each client. You can directly interface with our SmartTurn application dashboard containing graphical benchmarking & measurements with associate employment and tracking information, accessible real-time, anytime.

Electronic Time Clocks

Time clocks are an efficient and accurate way to collect activities of associates. Our clocks use Ethernet connectivity and are wall mountable and connect directly to our payroll software. The client also has access to the hours worked and can verify and validate all hours worked.