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Direct Hire Alternative

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Direct Hire Alternative

People Focused — Job Placement

Direct Hire Alternative— For clients that want to carry their own payroll

PlaceSmart Agency will take the cost, work, and delay out of recruiting when using this service. All PlaceSmart Agency applicants sign a disclosure allowing us to send you their applications and resumes.

General Responsibilities in a Direct Hire Relationship
PlaceSmart Agency
  • Advertising, networking, and researching to find good, responsible, and capable people looking for work
  • Pre-interviewing and identifying where a candidate may best fit based upon qualifications, experience, and personality type
  • Send you the applications to review

Your business cannot afford to wait...so do not wait to fill job positions.

You don't pay until you hire, or we continue to send you more applicants. No Pressure. No Commitment. Cost Effective.

The smartest Human Resource Services Company just got smarter and even more cost effective. PlaceSmart Agency Alternatives.

  • Stop spending time & money advertising
  • Call us and tell us how many workers you need
    • We send you applications
  • You schedule & conduct applicant interviews
  • Please hire the best people for your business
Direct Hire Alternative
Only $45 per
placed worker.

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